Friday, March 2, 2012

Welcome, Guest Designer: Sheila Burns! :)

What a fun challenge---I wanted to do everything on the tic-tac-toe board!
I chose “Include stitching, create a layout, and include a die cut”.

I was reading a magazine from 1948 that my mother gave me when I saw an article entitled “How’s your social security?”  I honestly thought it was about retirement, so I thought it would be interesting to look a little closer---then I discovered it was talking about one’s social status in junior high!  It was a quiz!  Since my daughter is in junior high, I had her take the quiz, and I made a little booklet that explained the quiz, interpreted her results, and included two of the questions.  The results proved she was “just about normal”.  I just thought the whole thing was soooo funny I had to use it.  I used an acid free spray on all the elements from 1948 and hid some journaling explaining the quiz.


Thanks so very much for joining us, Sheila! :)


  1. I just love how you came up for the idea of your page! How FUN and CREATIVE:) Love it:)

  2. Thanks ladies! This was sooo fun!!!


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