Friday, December 17, 2010

Sponsor Spotlight ~ Cosmo Cricket!!

You are in for a treat this week! The winner of the photo inspiration challenge (randomly drawn next Tuesday evening) will receive the Mitten Weather collection AND Chipboard!

These products were donated (and manufactured by)...

Abby and I are longtime fans of Cosmo Cricket and so honored to have them sponsor The Paper Variety this week! Here is a little bit of "behind the scenes" info about this wonderful company

To prove that they were certifiably insane, three years ago Eric and Julie Comstock, two artists, decided to start their own company. They launched Cosmo Cricket in the summer of 2006 at the Craft and Hobby Association trade show. The idea was to have the best designed paper, really cool embellishments and a lot of fun. Things took off much faster than predicted and the first year was a scramble just trying to keep up. However, now, three years later, they are running like a well oiled machine that only has a few loose bolts.

Here's how they do it: A really great sales guy. Lindsay Moore has been with Cosmo Cricket since the beginning. Julie called him up one day and said that they were starting a scrapbooking company and they were told he was the best. She continued that they would love to have him work for them and that there was one other thing....... they had no money and he wouldn't get paid for at least three months. He of course said, "Sign me up!" Because of his charming personality, or the fact that they didn't want him getting away, they decided to make him a partner. "He's stuck with us now," says Julie with a wicked grin.

If you would like to learn even more about Cosmo Cricket and the people that make up the company, visit their blog where you are sure to find more information than you could possibly have ever wanted.

Wouldn't you love to win some Cosmo Cricket goodness?!

Click HERE to find all of the details on this week's photo inspiration challenge :)


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