Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tutorial: "Re-sticky" your Cricut mats by Caroli!

We all hate when we are cutting a complicated shape on our Cricut and the paper suddenly gets loose and everything gets ruined, isn't it? It has happened to me lots of times, until I came out with this simple idea that worked perfectly for me.

You will need the Cricut spatula, repositionable glue pen and of course the used non-sticky cutting mat.

let's start by cleaning the cutting mat using the spatula. Usually tiny pieces of paper are adhered to the mat, so you must try to clean it as much as possible and remove all the paper from it.

Once the mat is clean, start applying the repositionable glue on it. I have used the Zig Memory System 2-way Glue Pen because of its extra wide tip and also due to the excellent quality of the glue. Appy the glue uniformly all over the mat.

Once you applied plenty of glue all over the mat you must wait until it is completelly dry. The waiting time will depend on how much glue you used, but just to be sure let's wait about 10 minutes and voilá! The mat will be sticky again! As for my experience, after this treatment my mats are even better than when they were brand new, so give it a try. Thanks for visiting us! :)


  1. I'll give this method a try. I like the Zig way glue pens.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  2. I cannot wait to try this!!!! I have 2 mats that need this treatment! Now I just have to find the wide Zig glue! I have the narrow one, and I love it, too! Great info!

    The Papercrafting League
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  3. This is fine (and I do it too) however, be aware that provocraft may not uphold the warranty on your machine if you do this. Now that my machine is past the warranty time, I totally do this!


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