Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tutorial: May basket by Marcia!

Happy Spring! Marcia here today with a tutorial on how to make a May basket. As a child, I made baskets like this and filled them with candy. Then I stealthy crept up to a friend's house, placed the basket on the doorknob, rang the doorbell, and then ran to hide and watch. The receiver of the basket would have to come in search of you and if he/she caught you, give you a kiss (Hey, it was the 60's). I had my girl scouts make some years ago and we delivered them to nursing home residents. In addition to candy, we put a deck of cards in our baskets. Most of my girl scouts had never heard of a May basket. The nursing home residents loved them and entertained us with their recollections from their youth. Anyway, here is my basket...
These are easy to make.
Kids can decorate their paper now with crayons or markers. Roll the paper into a cone and glue the edge. Staple the handle on.
Embellish as desired. I used a couple handmade roses and leaves on mine. Here is a link to a tutorial I did in January on how to make the roses;  Rose Tutorial
Does anyone still make May baskets?


  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial this basket looks so lovely and the roses on it are just Gorgeous!!!!

  2. That is simply adorable! Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Beautiful and so easy! I'm in my 30's and I've never heard of May baskets.

  4. I use to make them as a child as well. However our teachers made us use our milk cartons. It was so much fun. Im 32 now but have not made one since I was 10.


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