Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tutorial: Masculine embellishment by Marcia!

Do you sometimes rack your brain trying to come up with manly embellishments? Marcia here today with a tutorial for an embellishment you can make to use on your guy layouts or even on a card.

That's right, It is a zipper gluber! This zipper happened to come from my son's favorite pair of shorts. I put a new zipper in his shorts, and kept this one (and its match) to make embellishments.

The zipper I used was probably 30" long.

You can add a stick pin if you like, or leave it as it is. I hope I have inspired you to "Man Up" your next guy layout or card.


  1. Very COOL!! I have never heard of the product Glubers! Now that I have seen your tutorial I think I might have to look around for some:)

  2. I am still not sure what a Gluber is but the name implies GLUE!

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