Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tutorial: Make your own misting mask using Cricut by Sara!

I am big of using mist on my layouts and I really love the masks out there that you can use with mists.  Masks are meant to create a design on your layout by only allowing the color mists to fall on open areas. The problem I have is there are so many I like but I only want to use a mask a few times and then I tend not to use it much again - no very cost effective.  I have started use my Cricut to create my own masks these days!  Here is a how it works.

First I found the image I wanted to use. This layout I choose a cluster of hearts.  Then put a piece of scrap paper on your Cricut mat - you will be getting this paper a messy and it will have no actual use on your layout.

 Here is the paper with the heart shapes cut out of it and I have placed it on top of my back ground sheet for my layout. I gathered 3 different colored mists that work with my layout.

Before you start misting you must get other scrap paper to cover up the rest of your back ground paper.  Mist has a tendency to spray all over so you will want to be sure cover up the rest of your paper so you do not get mist where you dont want it. 

Then spray your masked area until you are happy with the saturation. 

Once you are happy with the way it looks remove the mask and the other papers and your misted image will be revealed. 

Here is the finished layout!  I think the misted hearts add a nice touch to the layout! 

I hope this makes you think of new ways to use your Cricut and create your own misting masks!


  1. Thanks for the sharing. Beautiful Lo.


  2. Beautiful layout and thanks for the tutorial.


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