Friday, February 10, 2012

Tutorial: Rolled Flowers by Caroli!

I love rolled flowers, they are such a great embellishment and you can make them very fast and easily. Today I would like to show you how can make a simple plain rolled flower.

A piece of paper
Glue dots or a similar kind of adhesive
Petal roller or similar tool  ( I used Imaginesce petal roller but any quilling tool will make it, even tweezers)

For start you will need to cut this shape out of the paper. We have several options for doing this: one way could be to print this image on the back of your paper and then cut it following the lines, also you could draw this by hand and cut. 
In addition, there are few diecuts available in the market for cutting these kind of shapes.

In my case (and considering I am a Cricut addict) I used a cutting file and Scal on my Cricut, and this is what I got.

Now, you will need to place the outer end of the paper inside the slot of the petal roller, just like in the pic.

An then you just must start rolling the paper. it is very important to do it carefully and keeping the alingment, so it will be evenly rolled.

Once you finished rolling it will look like this.

Now, if you turn around the flower you will see it has this base area.

In this base you will put a glue dot in order to assemble the flower.

Turn around again and assemble the flower with the help of the tweezers. You may need to unroll it a little until it reaches the size and shape you want.

And here it is! A simple and lovely rolled flower. Of course you can use your creativity for embellish it maybe with some misting, glitter, ink, etc. The posibilities are endless, it's up to you to use your creativity :)

I am giving away a .scut2 file (to be used with Scal) with different kinds of rolled flowers I have found on the net and also a few I created myself. If you are interested in receiving it please leave a comment here with your email and I'd be glad to send it to you :)  Thank you for your visit!


  1. Thanks for lovely handy tutorial.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial! I would love the file. ~Hugs, Saundra
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  3. What a cute flowers, thanks for the tutorial.

  4. Hey I can do this!! Thanks for the directions!!!

  5. I just looooove these flowers!!! Great tutorial and would love to try others!

  6. very simple tutorial! Can't wait to try it! kmhilyer at gmail dot com.

  7. Love the tutorial. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks again! Katarina XXX

  8. Ohhhh... I love the flowers...

  9. Thanks for the great tutorial and I would love to have the SCAL file!

  10. All mails sent ladies, hope you emjoy the flowers :D


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