Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tutorial: Glitter and twine embellishments using the Xyron by Holly!

Hello, It's Holly from Ribbons & Glue sharing with you a few reasons why I like to use this 1.5 inch  Xyron.  This little " X-thingy" is  marketed as an Create-A-Sticker tool but instead of using it to make stickers, I've found the adhesive very useful towards making embellishments. 

*adhering glitter evenly without making a mess on your project.
* adhering delicate or sheer ribbon so you can't see your tape/glue application.
*useful in making twine embellishments.

Every crafter has various techniques or adhesives they choose to use but I like using this small Xyron because I know I can get an even application of adhesive every time.

First step,  run your die cut face down (which is the side of the adhesive)  through the Xyron.  Rub well to active the adhesive then peel off the backing. 

I'm going to add glitter to the word Baby for my project. These letters are cut at 1 inch so I'd consider it small size for glitter application. 

For my finished project, I used crystal glitter but you can't see it in the photo, so in this example, I used dark blue glitter.  After you shake off the excess glitter, you can see how the glitter sticks really well, evenly covered and is dry, unlike using glue.

Another fun embellishment I've made using a Xyron are these twine buttons. 

To make these twine buttons, I run my circle through the Xyron, cover the adhesive side with small pieces of twine, trim off the excess twine then ink the edges. 

The Xyron adhesive works well too for adhering sheer ribbon.   Just run it through, rub, peel and stick!  Thanks for looking and I hope this little X-thingy is inspiring to you.


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