Friday, December 31, 2010

Meet Marilyn! :)

Hi!! My name is Marilyn, I live in Puerto Rico with my husband Israel (we've been 20 years married) and my two teenagers Alexander (16 years old) and Paola Sofia (12 years old). Also, I have another son my dog Sponky (11 years) lol! he has only three legs but is a happy dog.
I'm a Fashion Designer so during the day I'm surrounded by fabrics, sewing machines, threads and dress forms and when I'm not playing with fabrics it's with papers. I love to create!

I started scrapbooking four years ago and now I'm totally addicted, It's a therapy for me.
My scrapbooking style is "eclectic"...I love to mix different elements on my pages. I can't make a page without stitching and 3D-dots...I love it!! I love meeting people with the same interest in this hobby so I made my blog Treasuring Memories one year ago, and now I have many friends bloggers around the world. I love photography and with the pictures I take, I do my best to create art via Scrapbooking!

Some samples of my work:


  1. Your work is absolutley gorgeous Marilyn!!
    - April

  2. What gorgeous layouts, Marilyn! Love all the textures and colors you use. Looking forward to creating with you here at TPV!

  3. Felicidades chica te lo mereces que haces trabajos muy lindos.


  4. Beautiful work Marilyn!! Glad to have you apart of our team :)

  5. Thank you girls, for your lovely comments! I really appreciate it!!

  6. Bien por Marilyn! sus trabajos son bellos!!! Felicitaciones!


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